Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fractice bug fix for slow shallow zooms

The latest release of Fractice (1.0.05) fixes a bug that made shallow (non-deep) zooms take twice as long as they should have. The bug was introduced in the previous version (1.0.04). It was pretty simple: SSE2 support was accidentally disabled for shallow zooms. Deep zooms were unaffected. Checking the "Use SSE2" checkbox in Options/Engine made no difference. The bug was present in both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions, and in both the server and the client. Sorry! All better now.

On a lighter note, the real-time colormapping/downsampling function that's used in full-screen Exclusive (Mixer) mode is now much better optimized, and runs two or three times faster on all platforms. This leaves more CPU time for rendering. This particular bit of code is critical because it runs at the output frame rate (typically 30 FPS) and is also single-threaded. The optimization was in the pixel averaging, and consisted of replacing three divides (one for each color channel) with a single SSE packed multiply.

All users should download the latest version.

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