Thursday, April 24, 2008

Comparision of NET2005 to MFC6

machine: eng-azhurav64
MFC6 36.27
NET2005 39.14 and that's with SSE2! WTF?
NET2005 without progress bar: 38.9 so it's not that...

machine: eng-ckorda
MFC6 40.50
NET2005 43.97 with SSE2, FP = fast
NET2005 45.90 with SSE2, FP = precise
NET2005 38.05 SSE disabled, FP = fast
NET2005 36.78 SSE disabled, FP = precise <-- fastest!!!

Looks like SSE2 is SLOWER than the FPU for the rendering loop.
Need to hand-code it and process two pixels at once!

deep zoom benchmark (same coords but 640 x 480, 1x)
machine: eng-ckorda
MFC6 253.27
NET2005 213.03 significantly faster

eng-sfreed: 1024x768, 4096, 4x, GMP = 49 minutes... that's 30 max frames per day

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